Realized Projects

Projects completed by the end of 2023

Water supply

Electry supply

Vital needs

Sustainability on site




Hosptal Infrastructure

Projects completed by the end of 2020

  • A new water pump system with 6 high-pressure pumps
  • A new water tower with 150m3 water capacity
  • A new four-part sedimentation basin
  • A new pressure line for two turbines
  • Francis turbine revised to generate 45 kW of electricity
  • A new intake for water distribution
  • 4 new dams for optimal water flow in dry times
  • Revision of the emergency diesel system for the hospital of 170 kW
  • Computer room with 14 PCs for high school
  • Renovation of technology house in Cheherany
  • Medical supplies and furniture for hospitals

All of this serves to supply the local hospital, the orphanage, the nurses' school, the staff houses and the associated community.