The projects

Water, electricity and infrastructure

What we have already done

  • A new water pump system with 6 high pressure pumps
  • A new water tower with a capacity of 150m3
  • A new four-part sedimentation pool
  • A new pressure line for two turbines
  • An installation of a Francis turbine for power generation of 45 kW
  • A new intake for water distribution
  • 4 new embankment dams for optimal water flow in dry periods
  • Revision of the emergency power diesel system of 170 kW for the hospital
  • New 2 kW photovoltaic system for the sisters’ school
  • UV disinfection system for the hospital
  • Computer room with 14 PCs for high school
  • Renovation of the  technical house in Cheherany
  • Providing medical material and furniture for the hospital
  • All this serves to supply the local hospital, the orphanage, the nursing school, the staff houses and the associated community.


These achieved projects cost around CHF 800'000.

Future plans

In order to develop the projects further and to ensure that they are maintained, regular maintenance works must be carried out. In addition, another water turbine for the power supply and power lines would have to installed to secure the electricity for the hospital and the village.


The entire emergency power diesel system and power distribution and installations are in extremely poor condition.


The water sedimentation and treatment of river water to drinking water are scheduled for the hospital and the region.


Realization of the projects

The financial situation of the foundation and the sponsorship contributions will enable us to realize the projects according to priorities.

Projects 1st priority

Projects 2nd and 3rd priority



Eine neue Wasserpumpenanlage mit 6 Hochdruckpumpen

Water tower

The new water tower with 150 m3 water content for water consumption of 10 m3 / hour


Sedimentation basin

For sanding the RUAHA water

Hydraulic engineering RUAHA

New dams, ridges and residual water regulations.


Francis turbine

Replacement of a Francis turbine for power generation of 45 kW

Water distribution

A new intake for water distribution

Pressure line

Pressure line to Francis turbines

Diesel revision

Diesel for emergency power supply to the hospital


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